WARNING: This website contains funny emojis, flickering images and excessive self-promoting. 

Hi, I`m Niko, a great, fantastic, mind blowing cutting edge Layouter. (verified by hundreds of friends and 1 mama)
Also, I`m a super creative chef and bake the most yummy sourdough breads. Not interesting? Maybe keeping your brand identities and designs on track, coming up with creative solutions, pushing good ideas, caring for consistency and cheerful, happy, delighted, satisfied, faithful clients. (sounds better?)
Usual workflow: 🐕 🏃‍♂️dog walk  ☕️coffee & sour bread with honey  🧠🔦idea search  🔊put on post punk  ✏️🖐hand scribble  ✨ 📚 🎥🌪messing with photoshop/indesign/after effects  ☕️more coffee & sour bread with honey  🧂improving  🗡🗑junking  🔬talk to desperately waiting project manager, that it takes some more minutes   🚠finally upload   🤗😻💃🧟‍♂️everybody happy (mostly)   🚲 enjoy a glass of natural wine🍷👻. 
Warum schreibt denn der Typ hier so bekloppt in englisch? Because Berlin is so international! English will be the official tongue soon anyway. (or chinese, depends)

A dog ready for walk, thinking: "Shut up and take me out!"
Mushrooms, Mama, Finland.
A sour sourdough bread. (But happy)
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