To make the best out of advertising, you have to get out of the office.
And come back. With ideas from real life.
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Lived in many places across Europe. 
20 years in the ad-industry and still having fun (rare!)
"Einfühlungsvermögen" for brands and people.
Love to find ideas and looks, build campaigns and mockup`s, do scribbling, create keyvisuals and deliver assets for digital channels.​​​​​​​
Love to prepare and supervise photo/tvc shootings.
Some retouching abilities. Sense for good and bad headlines (caution: regulary causes fights with copywriters). 
A little of that magic you need to let things shine (using well-balanced ps-camera raw settings or just not using them. 
Way too humble and honest for this industry.
App Skills
indesign: black belt 
photoshop: road runner 
illustrator: still need tutorials after 20 years 
keynote: you don`t need any skills for keynote, it`s intuitive  
powerpoint: hate it – but can manage if I have to  
sketch: wanna-be 
aftereffects: lame duck
A great master of words and most charming provocateur just passed Wiglaf Droste – R.I.P.  
But these are also good: Peter Quester, Stephan Deisenhofer, Michael Pott, Harald Heinen or Felix Heine​​​​​​​
Contact: Elbestraße 4 | 12045 Berlin  0179 590 17 95  nwillborn(at)
Why is this website in english? So everybody can read it, we are in Berlin! And I like working with international teams. Aber keine Angst, meine Muttersprache ist deutsch und ich kann super mit ihr umgehen ...
I like people with self-irony, a healthy ecological attitude and positive energy.
I`m not working for any kind of rightwing, racist or homophobic brands, people or organisations.​​​​​​​
But I like to work with: (little selection)
... that was long, hope you are still there.

if you still have the stamina and want to keep on reading – it's my pleasure: 

With cousin Kari in Punkaharju/Finland 1976 (in the back my fathers Mercedes 230 D)

Dortmund to Neukölln.

Dortmund Stadtklinik was my first station (you can guess my favourite soccer-club), then grown up in Germany's Southwest, the "Hunsrück", an area with idyllic forests and American nuclear missiles. 
Due to my Finnish Mama, I spent much time there (I don`t drink vodka though, but like Finnish tango, Aki Kaurismäki and Jimi Tenor). Youth in Tongeren near Maastricht (where I met the powerful influencers "Drum" and "Kwak") and Irmgarteichen at Siegen (where I met a lot of "Dilldappe" and other strange Siegerländer). 
Graphic design studies in Aachen and Maastricht, diploma in communication design in Saarbrücken with notorious dutch guest teacher Gert Dumbar (Studio Dumbar) and peculiar Ivica Maksimovic (Ex-Maksimovic and Partners) which both influenced me (actually Ivica much more – you can see how I like to use irritating Headlines). Intern in Düsseldorf at GREY, where I learned how mainstream ads are made ... 
Then, much better, changing to DDB as Junior-AD working with cool international creatives on Sony and VW. First Shooting with Anatol Kotte! 
Moving to Berlin in 2000 enjoying the last illegal clubs. Started deejay- and freelancing, mostly for Scholz & Friends. First award-medals role (they come automatically I have to say). 
Art-director on Baden-Württemberg/Mercedes/Adler Modemarkt at S&F in Family 3. Then other smaller agencies with more familiar atmo, but more responsibility and exciting productions like Germany`s Next Topmodel-shootings in Rio and Tahiti (not proud of the disastrous ecologic fingerprint I left flying there) and a cool Dandy Cookbook. 
Since 2015 freelancing again hopping between the agencies. Apart from doing advertising I like using my bike, travel with my little family, take care of sourdoughs, get inspired by chefs like Massimo Bottura (I adapted the intro-line from one of his thoughts) or Rene Redzepi, do food-travels and pop-up dinners with peculiar dishes in Neukölln.

Shooting in Tahiti for Emmi Caffe Latte (unglamorous as it can get, but the coconut-cocktails were good). You may ask yourself: Why did they fly all the way there instead of having controllable conditions in a studio? I could tell you the reasons behind on a tea in your office. 

From Station to Station 
(Yes, I like Bowie)

Römer & Wildberger
Rogner & Bernhard
Etwas Neues entsteht
Scholz & Friends Berlin
Wensauer & Partner 
Latest projects 
june: R&W
may: top secret job | rsm, BMAS | EDDB, nb
april: S&F Berlin, daily business
march: glow, caritas | S&F, nb | ressourcenmangel, nb | rsm, evian bottle design
feb: ressourcenmangel BMAS | cobra youth, SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit campaign execution EDDB, nb
jan: cobra youth, SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit campaign execution
dec: Stiftung Spreewald Kampagne, SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit campaign
nov: Stiftung Spreewald Microsite, zapf creation LiLSnaps | EDDB AOK Nordost, AOK Nordwest 
okt: cobra youth SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit concept & layout, NB successful | EDDB AOK Nordost campaign execution, AOK Microsite
sept: FFM, nb Opel McCann, concepts, looks & layouts, ressourcenmangel, evian label & volvic signage
august: FFM, nb Opel McCann | EDDB, AOK Nordost vaccination campaign idea & layout | Stiftung Spreewald, campaign
july: ketchum pleon, zeiss 100Y | cobra youth, TU Freiberg campaign 2019
june: Stiftung Kulturlandschaft Spreewald, campaign 
april: cobra youth, TU Freiberg dOoH, Hochschule Offenburg Microsite
feb - march: cobra youth, Hochschule Offenburg, concept und layout 
jan: Sherpas/ressourcenmangel, VDA-NB | S&F Berlin, BW-Bank 
july - dec: S&F Berlin, BW-Bank | june: cobra youth, Haus der Kulturen der Welt | may - june: ressourcenmangel, daily business, nb Shire pharma | april: EDDB, AOK | march: glow, nb caritas | feb: ressourcenmangel, Braunschweig-Wolfsburg | jan: ressourcenmangel, BMEL
aug - dec: ressourcenmangel, nb`s, BMEL, ZBA, KVA, daily business | may - june: cobra youth, nb | feb - april: fhain ideas, nb`s | jan: ressourcenmangel, nb 

on the way to McCann`s legendary Opel-pitch (Sorry, S&F)


One Show: Gold, Silver
ADC: 1x Silver, 3x Bronze, 1 Merit
CLIO: Bronze
London International Advertising Awards: Finalist
Gourmand Cookbook Award: Silver
Out of Home Award Austria: Silver 
Die Zeitungen. Awards. Gewinner
w&v Kreation des Tages: 2x

So far I worked for 

Coffees (Kaffee Kooperative, Emmi Caffe Latte, Rondo Melange)
Universities (TU Offenburg, TU Bergakademie Freiberg)
Federal states (Baden-Württemberg, Land Brandenburg, Region Wolfsburg Braunschweig)
NGO's (aktionsbündnis Landmine, caritas, SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit, Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung, Vergessen ist ansteckend)
Ministries (BMAS, BMEL)
Educational material (SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit)
Communal affairs (Berliner Stadtreinigung, Berliner Wasserbetriebe)
Newspapers (Berliner Zeitung, Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung, Freie Presse)
Health insurance (AOK, TK)
Pharma (Shire, ratiopharm, Böhringer Ingelheim)
Airlines (Lufthansa, easyjet)
Fashion (Adler Modemarkt, Germany's Next Topmodel Shootings)
Toys (Zapf Creation)
Cultural institutions, interest groups (TXL - the Urban Tech Republic, Spreewaldfreunde, HKW – Haus der Kulturen der Welt)
Energy suppliers (MVV, Stadtwerke Leipzig, Berliner Stadtwerke, EnBW) 
Banking (BW-Bank, Volkswagen Bank, ZEB)
Real estate (Plaza inmobiliaria)
Consumer electronics (Sony, Panasonic)
Trade fairs (Neue Messe Stuttgart)
Consulting (Capgemini)
Beverages (Spreequell, Köstritzer)
Retailing (LIDL, Metro)
House supplies (Velux)
Safety gear (MSA – firefighting helmets)
Delivery services (Lieferando)
Food (Kaltbach, Lieferando, Halloren Kugeln, Halberstädter, Höchstgenuss, Energy Milk, Quanilla, Barilla (before the homophobic scandal), Brandt) 
Federal institutions (church convention, TÜV)
Watches (Glashütte Uhren, Union)
Office profiling (M.E.C.H., EDDB, Mackat, DDB, Etwas Neues entsteht)
TV (SAT 1, ARD, SR–Saarländischer Rundfunk) 
Cleaning products (zewa)
Cars (Mercedes Benz Nutzfahrzeuge, smart, Opel, VW, Grammar Seats, Toyota Lexus, Verband der deutschen Automobilindustrie, Hyundai)
From top left: brainstorming and smoking with Sebastian at DDB 1998 | at a pool in Capetown for Adler Modemarkt | on location in Andalusia for DSW | modelling for a church convention campaign | on a xmas-mailing tested by Art Director Miriam Blaschke | With a fly in the eye
Thank you:

COPYWRITING: Gerald Meilicke, Peter Quester, Alf Frommer, Kristin Altmann, Felix Heine, Sascha Dudic, Otto de Vries, Robert Krause, Michael Pott, Sebastian Steller, Marco Pupella, Johannes Krempl, Stephan Deisenhofer, Rudi Renoir, Rudi Renoir Appoldt, Uwe Venus, Peter Meyer, Jan Leube, Christoph Biggeleben, Tim Bange, Harald Heinen, Philipp Wöhler, Matthias Schmidt, Birgit van de Valentyn, Tobias Schmidt, Cornelis Stettner, Dorothe Berghaus, Sebastian Turner, Raban Ruddigkeit, Bernd Bücker, Tim Daugs. ART DIRECTION: Andrea Sommer, Antje Hartig, Carlo Joest, Andy Wyeth, Argentina Sanchez, Ilka Fugmann, Kathrin Seupel, Sandra Schilling, Carolin Strothe, Roberto Piazza, Marc Flood, Joakim Jonason, Martin Pross, Tina Kron, Julia Schmidt, Gregory French, Verena Koschel, Linda Kochem, Tim Stübane, Jens Stein, Alexandra Roth-Belkowa, Sven Jaschurek. DIGITAL: Daniel Gansdorf, Nadim Salous, Berit Schneider, Andy Wyeth POST PRODUCTION: Simon Geis, Patrizia Pagel, Claudia Frickemeier, Sven Böker, Manuela Retzke, Cosmas Fette, Cabbe, Annika Nisser, Max Bonewitz, Alex Siewert, Sascha Kopatsch, Jana Motz. ART BUYING: Kirsten Rendtel, Adriana v. Menesis Arnim. ILLUSTRATION: Tim Böhm, Elisabeth Deim, Sara Bento di Castro, Stefano Riboli, Gebrüder Posin, Alfred Schüssler, Thomas Gronle, Titus, Sven Dobritza, Tobias Wandres, Kai Braun, Michael Knepper, Christoph Rehbein. PHOTO: Matthias Koslik, Claudia Frickemeier, Adrian Burke, Sven Schrader, Boris Kumicak, Sven Glage, Jorgen Loof, Nadine Elfenbein, Christian Schmidt, Calle Stoltz, Sebastian Pfütze, Volker Möhrke, Sebastian Hänel, Anatol Kotte. FILM DIRECTION: Erik Nilsson, Erik Schimschar, Martin Wilk, Christian Aeby, Kristian Leschner. ACCOUNT: Eva Scholze, Juliane Claus, Maren Wels, Yannick Dischinger, Susi Schulz, Gabrielle Fontoynont, Nina Preuss, Daniela Harzer, Ina Färber, Heike Schultz, Ulf Cerning, Heike Schiller, Jenny Swart, Jana Huth, Julie Ten Hövel, Anne Gabriel, Helena Rejmann, Benjamin Baader, Holger Gerecke, Fei Hupfer, Sascha Kruse, Malte Fischer, Stephan Otte, Sebastian Neumann, Michael Wagner, M. T. Schulze, Anja & Judith. PRODUCTION: Mathis Rekowski, Claudia Knipping, Anke Landmark, Vladislav Bejder, Sören Gessat, Aniko Kröger, Sabine Bäsler, Frank Hasselhoff, Annette Schneider & Michael, Kalle Schroeder, Maria Tamander. IT: Norbert Wurzel, Mirko Jurisch, Steffen Markert. ORGA: Gabriele Basmadjan, Karin Vogel. CONCIERGE: Helmut Klass, Rene, Herr Pörting. MORAL SUPPORT: Claudia, Lalie, Sasa, Mama
Some voices I can still hear:
"Der findige Finne." – S. Steller, receiving the last ice-cold beer from me which I found in a dark office
"Textpapst." – A. Frommer, uttering with a slight ironic undertone, after killing his headline
"I`m sorry for you losing." – J. Jonason, watching icehockey Finland-Sweden with me 
"Please don`t go" – Marco Pupella as I left DDB
"Kotze." – M. Pross, while a meeting (certainly not about one of my drafts)
"Hehehe." – M. Schmidt, in another meeting
"Drink more alcohol." – G. Dumbar, during very convivial graphic design studies in Saarbrücken
"Unglaublich lecker." – J. Schöpfer after one of my Pop-up dinner

Coffee: Angelique's Finest | Milk: Brodowin | Honey: Florian Grimm | Shirt: Adler-Modemarkt | Pottery: Angelika Rasch | glasses: Fielmann | stork: DSW-Spot | Photo: Claudia Frickemeier

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