WARNING: This website contains funny emojis, flickering images and excessive self-promoting. 

Hi, I`m Niko, a great, fantastic, mind blowing Art Director. (verified by hundreds of friends and 1 mama)
So, what can I do for you? Maybe produce really sour sourdough breads? Or  prime ministers, activists, newspapers, sausage, cough pastils makers and so on, giving and keeping brands identities and designs on track, coming up with creative solutions, pushing good ideas and killing bad ones, caring for consistency and cheerful, happy, delighted, satisfied, faithful clients. (did I forget something?)
Usual workflow: 🐕 🏃‍♂️dog walk  ☕️coffee & sour bread with honey  🧠🔦idea search  🔊put on post punk  ✏️🖐hand! scribble  ✨ 📚 🎥🌪messing with photoshop/indesign/after effects  ☕️more coffee & sour bread with honey  🧂improving  🗡🗑junking  🔬talk to desperately waiting project manager, that it takes some more minutes   🚠finally upload   🤗😻💃🧟‍♂️everybody happy (mostly)   🚲 enjoy family and a glass of natural wine 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🍷👻. 

A dog ready for walk thinking: "Shut up and take me out!"
Mushrooms, Mama, Finland.
A sour sourdough bread. (But happy)
Look at start of career. (DDB)
Look today. (portrait made by family member)
CONTACT: Elbestraße 4
12045 Berlin/Neukölln 
+49 179 590 17 95 

Selfie with a kiwi.
A bit of cv and stuff is flickering here. Hope that`s not too annoying.
More rewarding than awards: Natural Wines.
Working hard on a photo shoot.
Looking for postpunk from 70s 80s and 20s!  
Ok, enough. Back to desk before client gets "unhappy" ; )

Cup by Angelika Rasch, Friedelstrasse/Neukölln.
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