BVG S4F KlimaTram
BVG 9€ Ticket
Konrad Adenauer Stifting Extremismus
visitBerlin Winterurlaub Banner
Berliner Morgenpost optimism campaign
Berlin Partner Sport communication
Berliner Morgenpost Newsletter
Berlin Freedom Dinner
visitBerlin Corona Kampagne
Al Capone Cigarillos
AOK Vaccine Fatigue 1 year before Corona
Gasag Ökostrom
Gasag Ökostrom 1st wave campaign
Don't look here, please.
Roto Dachfenster
Pulmoll snippets
Pulmoll Website
Berliner Morgenpost
AOK Robert Harting
Projekt U5 Fencing
Hochschule Offenburg – Learn How to Save the World
CI, Blue Boat Books children books publishing
Biodiversity in Spreewald
CI for a Supervision Coach
SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit – 30 years children rights
BW-Bank – Closing the Pension Gap
Angelique's Finest coffee made by women
AOK, Healthy Lifestyle – Cutting Costs
TU Freiberg – Finding Economic Solutions. Underground.
Stories of a creative Full-Stack Carpenter
Halberstädter Würstchen Virals
It's Not Iced Coffee – It`s Emmis Bestseller
Medical Check-up's for all ages
Ministry Communication
Kaffee Kooperative – Supporting Rwandas Coffeemakers
Bistronomy in Neukölln – La Malo
Das Dandy Kochbuch – En Vogue Cooking in 1900
Shire Pharma – Throwing Light on Rare Deseases
Natural Sourdough Breads. Prebaked (Zum Aufbacken).
What if ... Tegel Airport gets a Second Life?
Neukölln – Portrait of a District, OoH gallery
A Filmposter About Female Circumcision in Africa
Germany's Oldest Chocolate Factory, up to date
Emmi Chai Latte – Emmis Trending Dairy
A Liason … Emmi Caffe Latte and Germany's Next Topmodel
Waking up the Brand Emmi Caffe Latte
The Google Streetbirth – Profiling an Office
MAZ – the Brandenburg Newspaper
NGO Vergessen ist ansteckend – with Vladimir Malakhov
The "Alte Meister" Berliner Stadtreinigung campaign
Aktionsbündnis Landmine – Empty Ads
Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung – Fund Raising
Adler Modemarkt – Mode mit Happy End
Adler Stretch-Jeans – Extremely Strechtable
Baden-Württemberg Spot "Harald Wohlfahrt"
Baden-Württemberg "World Cup "
Baden-Württemberg – Works from Brezel to Mars
Berliner Zeitung – "Read it! (You Got To)"
Neue Messe Stuttgart – Launch Campaign
smart Special Forces – 2 brochures in 1
Works for MB utility vehicles – Sprinter, Actros & Co
Glashütte Uhren – Watches for Peculiar People
Sony DVD, Picture Exorcism
Sony – Latest Trends. Before the Millenium.
The Bed Seeking Campaign of the Church Convention
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