Emmi Caffe Latte – It`s not iced coffee
It`s falling in love again and again and ...
copy: Peter Meyer
graphics: Sara Diedrich
me: concept, copy, art
photo: Malte Braun
Mackat 2014
Emmi Caffe Latte is the best selling brand of the Emmi group. To keep this success going, you have to come up with new creative ideas.
Attract attention with a fresh cheeky design, so people want to share their favourite personal cup.
The design idea is simply "It`s not iced coffee ..." The cup was masked with 48 different prints in one season. In that way, every cup felt quite unique and rare and people chose the cup they most identified with. 
An online game joined the launch. The cups were a big hit and shared a lot on facebook/instagram. 
A campaign promoting some of the headlines joined the new product launch. 
This package design campaign proceeded Emmi’s biggest marketing success – Emmi Caffe Latte.
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