Bürgerstiftung Kulturlandschaft Spreewald

A new logo and campaign for the biggest foundation in the Spreewald region.
copy/concept: Ulrike Schlott
me: art, concept, UX-UI-Design
Freelance-project for the Bürgerstiftung Kulturlandschaft Spreewald
managing partner: Nico Heitepriem, Bettina König
The Spreewald in Brandenburg has one of the  biggest area of wet meadows, which are essential for thousands of species. They are endangered due to lack of care.
Throw a light on the foundation, which is too much unknown. We developed a PR-concept, a website and several ads running in diverse formats. 
A christmas fundraising campaign ran quite successful in 2018 promoting the "Wiesenaktie".
Many people donated and ad-series showed the meadows inhabitants saying "Danke!"

The logo as a crossing of an exclamation mark and a dragonfly

Christmas Fundraising Ads
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