1 year before Covid: A vaccination awareness campaign presented by little germs. 

strategy: Annabel Ewert, Maren Wels
 production: Julian Baumann, Angela Stolmar 
illu: Elisabeth Deim
web: queo 
copy: Olaf Brandenburg, me
me: Concept, Art, Copy 
agency: EDDB 2019 
microsite: https://impf-fakten.aok.de​​​​​​​
People are more and more sceptic about vaccination. The web is full of voices spreading arguments against it. Not enough clear informations are made public. Local outbreaks of measles get more often and the threat of returning deseases is getting more real. 
We let the desease-germs talk.
Their biggest interest is to survive and spread. Their bulletpoints play down the threat and find any reason. Voices and prejudices of vaccination opponents are similar. You can read these between the lines. AOK just returns with the most relevant facts in an easy-to-read and objective way, since also some difficulties are explained.


Banner in diverse formats (I really like the one which ran in the taz-newspaper)
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