Emmi Caffe Latte "Brazil Edition" and GNTM Jana ​​​​​​​
copy: Peter Quester, Sebastian Umlauf
me: art & flirting
animation: FX-Factory
social media: Panorama 3000
online game films: Martin Reimers, Kathrin Koehler
cup-illustration: Sara Bento deCastro
styling: Minja Tent
photo: Heiko Richard/Mel Griffith
A comprehensive multichannel launch campaign with Germany´s Next Topmodel as coop-partner. 
Covering a product-design from scratch, POS-actions, a photoshoot in Rio, an animated TVC add-on, print-ads, a big online game and lots of social media care.  ​​​​​​​
TVC Tag-on
The animated Tag-on is put on the Emmi Caffe Latte Image-TVC and served as cliffhanger in Germany`s Next Topmodel broadcasts (TVC produced by agency "byheart", Zürich)
Emmi Caffe Latte Special Editions
Emmi Caffe Latte "Tahiti Edition"​​​​​​​
copy: Peter Quester
me: art
 animation: FX-Factory
social media: Panorama 3000
competition-films: Martin Reimers
photo: Sven Schrader
role as director in the spot: Sven Schrader
director: Erik Schimschar
retouching: Simon Geis at recom
An even bigger production than the "Brazil Edition". Now with TVC, giant tram sticker and the usual Germany`s next Topmodel interaction. 
Shooting in Tahiti
The film team dealing desperately with the heavy winds. In the background: Bora Bora. In the foreground me cleaning the beach.
TV-Spot "Tahiti Edition"
The online game "Tour de Tahiti"
The mood film for the online competition game
 (you can see me lying under a coconut tree at sec 28)
Public transport with "Tahiti Edition"-attachment.
Silver medal at the Austrian Out of Home awards 
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