AOK-Nordost grant programs

Being active and blocking expenses away at the same time – Strike! 
copy: Olaf Brandenburg, me
strategy: Maren Wels, Annabel Ewert
production: Julian Baumann, Angela Stolmar
me: concept, copy, art, UX 
photo: Christopher Schmidt
EDDB, 2019
The AOK offers a huge variety of sponsored sport and health courses, while most of the subscribers don`t know, that they could make use of its versatile grant programs.
Show a variety of course examples with everyday people and what`s in it for them.
Create a visual unmistakeable campaign: the airy website is characterized by the skewed bar, which is the unifying design feature. The colours green, grey and white in combination with greyscale photos and orange spots create the unique AOK-Nordost appearance.  
Create simple headlines coming straight to the point.
Show a colourful mix of normal people. In black and white for a strong branding.   
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