Claus Bellmer
The projects of a german carpenter and architect in France.
I met this nice guy in hospital. He was there because he fell of a ladder while putting the last bit of paint on a finished corner at a ceiling. He told me about his profession and passion and many of his projects as carpenter and architect. 
Since I`m very interested in woodworks, too, I kept on listening with big pleasure. 
And at the end of the week, we committed to produce a brochure out of these stories.
I encouraged him to bring all his stories to paper, which was a big task for him. The following weeks passed with a lot of storytelling and mountains of pictures, which I shaped into suitable amounts for a compact little booklet. 
I filtered the most striking parts and formed headlines for each chapter and just put all together in a light and playful layout. 
It was an entirely 2-person production. 

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