BW-Bank – Freuen Sie sich aufs Altwerden​​​​​​​
copy, concept: Felix Heine
strategy: Jonathan Färber
account: Sebastian Wiczak
me: art, concept
S&F Berlin 2017
Baden-Württembergs bank has the same issue as others: Convincing people to start an eldery provision campaign is very difficult.

We tell people to look forward to get old.
With the BW-Bank tools which makes it easy.
The 360° campaign was launched in Baden-Württemberg on different medias like affiliate posters and guidance, ATM-screens, public transports, giveaways and online.
Station floor sticker "Gute Rente"
Banner "Rentnerbeige"
UX/UI for a bank: tons of pages
On BW-Bank I was working 90% digital for 1/2 year – UI/UX with various pages, sub-pages, photo editing, info-graphics, logos, online-films, newsletter and all that. Trapped a bit in some limited templates of Sparkasse, we tried to make the best out of it. So if you look at the homepage, don`t expect a big bang of creativity, it`s more about making the UX as smooth as possible in the corset of the Sparkasse toolbox with tons of datas to bring across, link and relink. Judge yourself here.
ATM screen-ad
"Abheben" has the double meaning "withdrawing" and "taking-off".
The BW-Bank affiliate carpet "Steps"
It is 3 m long and placed in front of the consultant desks where people stand in line and can practical read the required steps for a succesful pension. They really produced that! 
The BW-Bank affiliate carpet "Welcome to pension paradies." 

Sliding door sticker "Closing the pension gap"

Doorsticker and Postcard "Grüß Gott"
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