The challenge: Announce the start-up of a new creative ad-agency and generate traffic to the website.
Solution: As in 2012 Google streetview just launched in Berlin, the idea was to produce a picture of a streetbirth taken at random by a Google streetview car and upload it on a blog. The picture was taken in front of the agency where the name was sprayed roughly on the pavement. After uploading, people around the world were heavily discussing, guessing and finally solved the mystery. The new website received 87.000 views and approx. 100 million people saw the picture, it was the most viewed picture for 2 days.
initial idea: *congrats, you found my beloved friend of New Zealand – Andy Wyeth! | copy: Harald Heinen | art: Andy Wyeth , Niko Willborn | photo: Claudia Frickemeier | agency: Erntedank EDDB

Art Directors Club Bronze and "Auszeichnung" for "Digital Media–Viral" and "Promotion"

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