Niko Willborn, art director 
(going digital) 

Since 21 years I´m a classic PRINT loving art-director. The use of photoshop, indesign (earlier quarkXp) and some SCRIBBLE skills was basically enough to get along and do a quite successful job.
Since the overall digital transformation demand some more skills nowadays, I decided to dedicate myself stronger to all that and transform a little bit too now (...hope this works). So, "DIGITAL jobs" –to me please!
But don`t worry – CLASSIC stuff like crafting campaign IDEAS, LAYOUTS, KEYVISUALS, LOOKS and accompanying SHOOTINGS will still be one of my affairs in future.
And I will keep on writing HEADLINES. Preferably in a team-play with brillant copywriters like Peter Quester or Felix Heine
Ok, enough intro, feel free to see my work here.

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